Blog Post 13: Scar Tissue

This Book Nerds review focuses on a truly riveting novel, Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and collaborator Larry Sloman. Perhaps you recognize the name Anthony Kiedis? I hope you do, he is the lead singer and song writer for the band The Red Hot Chilli Peppers! Continue reading “Blog Post 13: Scar Tissue”

Something Never Thought Possible: Providence

Neon fuschia text of book title "Providence" and author's name; the background is a deep twilight turquoise with motion-blurred silhouettes of a young man and an older man in a hat, running.Today’s book nerd blog is focused around the novel Providence by Caroline Kepnes. I had seen this book advertised online, mainly on Facebook through the Publishing companies I follow, and was quite excited to read it based off the descriptions I saw. Continue reading “Something Never Thought Possible: Providence”