Peer Review 3

            I was reviewing the blog  for peer review 3. This blog is a fashion, lifestyle, and personal opinion and experience site. I enjoyed reading the blog post about Jessie’s best friend and the 19 questions to ask a best friend. I thought they were pretty interesting questions, and I felt like I was actually getting to know her. I also read a post called Pretty in Pink, which was about the colour pink being popular; I really enjoyed the title of this post because it reminded me of the 1980’s movie Pretty in Pink starring Molly Ringwald, and I simply just love 80’s movies! I also am not really a fan of the colour pink, but I found the post quite a good read regardless. Continue reading “Peer Review 3”

Peer Review 2

While checking out I really liked the design choices I saw. The first thing that drew my attention was the photo grid of the progression of removing the football helmet. I liked this for a couple reasons: The blue of the helmet and the yellow of the shirt is very eye catching, and it also told a story that works extremely well with his “About Me” statement, about him discovering the person beneath the helmet. I also really liked the overall grid choice that appeared throughout the entire blog – it looked nice, made navigation very easy, and you didn’t have to scroll to find anything. My only suggestion about this is that I noticed that there are photo grids for blog and mini assignment posts, but not progress posts, so maybe having the photo grid for every section of the site would be a good idea to keep it uniform. A side note about the photo grid which are links to posts, it reminded me of an Advent calendar which was amusing! Continue reading “Peer Review 2”

Peer Review: One More Klick

I really enjoyed this blog so far. I especially loved how clever the use of Klick is all throughout this website. It was explained that it was to reference the klick, informal for kilometres, representing the travel aspect of the blog, and klick, as in the shutter of a camera, which represents the photography aspect. Continue reading “Peer Review: One More Klick”