PUB201: Progress Post 03

In both Pub 101 and 201 we are taught to use WordPress, which is a blog platform site. When I first found out that we were using WordPress I was excited because I knew that it was at least a little bit accessible. Accessibility issues with websites and platforms is a very common occurrence, and I was worried about what kind of platform they were going to get us to use in these classes. I wanted to be able to do as much as I could since it was my own website. I knew I would need some help from my access aide because designing a blog has quite a few visual components, but I knew that, aside from the visual aspects, I was going to be able to work on my blog more so on my own and I was really excited about that. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 03”

Progress Post 7

For three of my blog posts, I did a three-part video series on accessible reading formats. I focused on what I know so the videos were related to blindness, and the main formats in which visually impaired people read. The three topics were braille, e-books and audio/ graphic audio books. Continue reading “Progress Post 7”