PUB201: Progress Post 07

Being a person who went from partly sighted to fully blind, I ironically understand the appeal of visuals, especially when it comes to the internet. So many people tend to be visual learners, and having a nice large image to capture a viewer’s attention and therefore keep them on the site longer is something all website designers strive for. For me coming into Pub 201 already knowing the importance of website visuals, I tried to come up with more ways to include images to my word-heavy site.

Two ways I tried to do this is by adding the image of the book covers I am reviewing within each post, as well as an image description to also touch on the accessibility aspect of my blog, with the hope that the viewers see the book cover image and it entices them to read the actual review. The second very new thing I have done to incorporate visuals on my site are memes, yes I said memes.

I literally just started this a couple days ago. I got the idea of memes from my instructor in lecture for Pub 201 when we were talking about images we could use in our blogs and one she mentioned were in fact memes. I share memes all the time on my social media platforms, and most of which have to do with books and book related situations. So I thought that adding a new category of accessible memes to my blog would be a fun, trendy way to add more visuals. The memes I add to my blog are all book related, and also like the book covers, come with an image description to also keep up with the accessibility of the blog. I hope that this will in turn catch the attention of viewers, since like I said and know, most people are drawn to images first, then they just might explore my blog further and go read the book reviews.

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