PUB201: Progress Post 06

I got a series of three emails in a row about a week ago, all from the WordPress provider system we use for our blogs in Pub 201, informing me of comments on a few of my posts. At first I was a little excited because I have had very few comments on my posts so far. So with the help of my assistant we went online and took a look. As she read the few comments to me it started to seem a little weird. First of all because whoever or whatever was commenting on my posts were doing so on posts from over a year ago, even though I had just recently uploaded a series of new posts that week. The second thing that seemed a bit odd was that the comments that were on three different posts were all done by the same person, and the third weird thing was that all the comments sounded quite similar. So we came to the conclusion that it must have been an annoying internet robot that was designed somehow to comment on my posts.

Realizing that it must have been a bot was a bit disappointing because it meant that it wasn’t a real person reading and commenting on my posts. Spending all this time, two semesters to be exact, working, creating and designing my blog just to have annoying web bots getting involved is a little disheartening. I am not quite sure how internet bots work, but I am assuming that they are somehow programmed to interfere with websites to mislead viewers or creators into buying something or direct them to not so pleasant sites. However they work, you can quickly tell if it is actually a bot or a human. All I know for sure is that they are really annoying and take away from what you are actually trying to do on sites, or just mess with your own site. I don’t know if there is a way to stop or block them, but I really hope there is.

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