PUB201: Progress Post 04

Earlier on in the semester our Pub 201 class, located on the SFU Vancouver campus, got the chance to go on a field trip to The Media and Makers Commons at the SFU library on the Burnaby campus. It kind of made me laugh because when you think of a field trip you go back to your elementary school days, where when you went on a field trip it was to somewhere new, exciting and a good distance from your school. However, this wasn’t exactly the case for the Media and Makers field trip. It was only as far as the SFU Burnaby campus, which is definitely not new, but did in fact hold a level of excitement because it was a new feature of the library that had only been there for a few weeks at that point.

The Media and Makers Commons is actually quite remarkable for SFU. They are really getting into the innovative technology world. The Commons holds two different categories of useful options. The first being the Makers tools which include: 3D printing and scanning, laser cutting and etching, soldering, Dremel, and embroidery machines. The second option is the media spaces which include: a video studio, audio studio, editing studio, VR virtual reality studio, as well as work stations.

It is actually really cool that SFU has all these devices, and that all staff and students are welcome to use them. (Of course with a little training first.) I know that these machines and spaces had to be rather expensive so I’m glad the school is providing such amazing items to work with. The use of these machines and spaces don’t even have to be for academic purposes, you can go and just try them out for fun if you want. Which is also really great because some programs might not specifically have a use for them. So anyone from any program still has the chance to go check it out.

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