PUB201: Progress Post 03

In both Pub 101 and 201 we are taught to use WordPress, which is a blog platform site. When I first found out that we were using WordPress I was excited because I knew that it was at least a little bit accessible. Accessibility issues with websites and platforms is a very common occurrence, and I was worried about what kind of platform they were going to get us to use in these classes. I wanted to be able to do as much as I could since it was my own website. I knew I would need some help from my access aide because designing a blog has quite a few visual components, but I knew that, aside from the visual aspects, I was going to be able to work on my blog more so on my own and I was really excited about that.

The number one thing that is an issue for accessible technology, which is the only way can do my course work, is navigation. It became very clear that navigating WordPress on my laptop using accessible screen reader software was going to be a huge annoyance and a lot more difficult than I hoped. However, I had the idea to try and use my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard because navigation on iPhones and iPads for some reason are much more simple. So I sat down with my access aide to get her help with walking me through how to create a blog post specifically. Right away it appeared to be much easier for me to be able to work through the different steps to making a post, and it showed me that it was one more thing I could do on my own, at least most of it.

I still need my aide’s help with a few things such as helping find and add book cover pictures to my post (since I’m doing a book review blog), fixing any visual formatting issues, and helping with hyperlinks, but that’s all. Whereas before she was doing it all for me. It’s not perfect and it will still take me some time to fully get the hand of using the iPad and Bluetooth keyboard, but its continuously a work in progress.

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