PUB201: Progress Post 02

I realized very early on in Pub 201 that while doing some research on other sites, specifically blogs, most of them had links to social media, email subscriptions and sharing options. I remembered that near the end of Pub 101, over a year ago now, I wanted to link my social media so that I (and hopefully others) could share my book reviews. Although I had good intentions to continue the blog outside of Pub 101, it never happened because life and University got crazy busy, and to be honest I lost interest. However, right from the very first day of Pub 201 I remembered that I really enjoyed writing book reviews and was once again excited to do it, but with a few social media touch ups.

With the help of my amazing access aid Meagan who showed/ explained and set up my social media links I felt like my site was, just by that one rather small step, looking a little more professional. She also explained that alongside Facebook and Twitter I could also have email subscriptions and sharing options for my site, so I figured “Why not?” and went for it all.

Now that all of that is in place for my site I am working on adding my url to my social media profiles, so that I can make my way back through to the first blog post and share them all, working up to my most recent. I have quite a lot of book nerd friends and family in one way or another, so I am hoping that they will see my shared blog/ book review posts, go and read it, read more, continue to read as I post new ones, and possibly even share them to more people. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but maybe reading book reviews in entertaining informative ways through an accessible reading lens will keep viewers coming back for more.

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