PUB201: Progress Post 01

I was quite excited to find out that for Publishing 201 we could use our existing blog sites from Publishing 101, if they fit the theme of the course “The Publication Of The Professional Self”. Luckily enough for me I did just that. Which meant that I didn’t have to create an entirely new site. I was mainly excited to use my existing site because I knew that my love of books, which my site represents, is something that I am wanting to do professionally by pursuing a career in the publishing industry. So I could continue to work on my original site, and improve it to become more professional.

Having a professional book review site, which is the main focus with a bit of accessible reading info included, was not on the top of my list. I simply wrote the blog posts solely based off the books I liked and thought were worth reviewing; I didn’t give much thought to my audience or lowering my bounce rate or anything like that. I just wanted to share my love of books and getting lost in a story in an entertaining informative way. However, this class opened my eyes to the benefits of being a little more professional and why it is important to observe the analytics and audience of your site. As the course continues I hope to learn more ways to revamp my site to appear more professional, which might include a brand, social media links and more.

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