PUB201: Peer Review #2

The blog Just Another Story… appears to be an interesting topic. From the banner image, which is an ink pen, I think really represents writing, so the message of the blog is very clear. This blog’s WordPress theme is very similar to mine, so it is easy to navigate, which is very important for accessibility, which in turn is very important to me.

When it comes to social media on this site, which is the focus of this week. This blog’s social media is interesting. Because the social media information is all under the contact page, and only the user names are provided. There are no social media links anywhere on the site. Not on any posts or at the bottom of the home page. So I am not sure why, or if there are any posts being connected to social media at all. I would recommend working on this.

Also on the home page you can only see the most recent post, and you can’t find any other posts. There are only one progress post, one blog post and a video. I would suggest adding a search option, a read more option, or providing a side bar that shows the different menus or tags to be able to find other posts.

Perhaps this is a new site, and it just takes some time to get the hang of WordPress and site design. I would highly suggest asking the instructor or TA if you are having any trouble, or need help. They are amazing people who have great knowledge on site design and WordPresss.

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