PUB201: Peer Review 1

I am reviewing the blog Analog Analagous. It is clear right away that it is a photography blog, and the very first photo you see is of a black and white, grainy, moody cityscape of Vancouver. This blog has a very clean cut, clear layout which I personally appreciate. We can easily see the different categories of photos from landscapes, portraits etc, and having different varieties of photos is good to draw different audiences, which in turn helps with the public coming to the site. Also the scroll feature where as you scroll content rises is a nice part of the chosen layout.

So far there isn’t a whole lot of content on this blog, but that could be because it’s only the third week of the course and it might be a new site in progress. I really liked the fact that there were already social media links on the site, a good idea to have right away. A couple suggestions I have is to work on the About page a bit, and perhaps add alt text on the photos to have the site be a little more accessible which could draw even more viewers. Overall I like this site, I like the variety of photos in both digital and analog formats, and it is obvious that the designer really enjoys photography. Well done so far.

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