Progress Post 9

One of our weeks during Pub 101 was dedicated to advertising. In tutorial we were shown how to access advertising for our blog site, and could decide if we wanted it or not. We are not huge sites obviously, but we could try it out and see how it goes. I believe one person in the class put ads on their site and made like $3.00, so that was cool, but not a lot. So my main question is, is it worth it? Ads on websites are how most online entrepreneurs make a profit, but more often than not viewers seem to simply just get annoyed by the constant ads. The way, especially today, most people who access the web get around this annoyance is by having ad blockers set up so they don’t have to go through the hassle of navigating the many ads, but in turn this cuts back on the add revenue the site’s designers make.

So what can be done so that the viewers don’t get annoyed by ads and leave the site, but the designers can still make a profit? While reading week nine’s article, The Toast Is Toast, it mentioned trying to convince people to drop their ad blockers. They explained that “While trying to keep web users from using their ad blockers didn’t exactly make us the most popular kids on the playground, it works. And, low and behold, The New York Times is conducting its own experiments along similar lines. While large sites have the resources to experiment with solutions to declining online ad revenues, smaller publications like The Toast just don’t have the strength to swim against the tide.” This last statement especially convinced me about not even bothering to try out ads on my site. Small sites just don’t have enough resources to play around with alternative forms of making a profit, and because so many people hate ads, it is a struggle to maintain on a small site. Also, being visually impaired, ads on sites are a constant navigational issue because of the screen reader software I use. So these two factors decided it for me, I do not want ads on my blog, at least for now.

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