Progress Post 8

Throughout Pub 101 we had a series of six mini assignments to complete. These were such things as a meme, a story without words, an essay, a remix, an infographic, and a gif. All relatively visual aspects of the web, aside from the essay of course. As I’ve expressed in previous progress posts I often run into a lot of visual challenges during a semester. However, instead of being annoyed or frustrated with these mini assignments, I decided to have a little fun with them, and learn more about exactly what they were. For example, I knew what a meme was, but had no idea how to make one especially since they are usually made in photoshop and for obvious reasons that is unaccessible. Even though accessibility was a slight issue, I still had an idea for one and with the help and skills of my assistant we were able to take my idea and create a meme. Same with the story without words. Instantly my thought was, “Okay, so its going to be visual.” Which of course it was, so I ended up making a silent video of my process of buying a book, with emojis popping up in thinking bubbles. Although there had to be zero words involved I actually had fun trying to show my process without speaking, and finding the emojis ended up being quite lengthy because there are now so many of them. These two mini assignments turned out to not be so bad when it came to visual challenges.

Out of all the mini assignments my favourite was the remix – my assistant and I definitely had the most fun with this one. I decided to remix two of my favourite songs together, Fishing in the Dark, by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, by StarShip. Two songs from completely different genres: bluegrass country, and 80’s pop. I took the lyrics from both songs and switched it all up to create my own hybrid song. Which in itself was a lot of fun! While I was doing that my assistant found the instrumental versions of the songs and put them together based off my remixed lyrics. Then the great idea appeared… we made the robot voice on my laptop sing the new song! As we all know robots have literally zero emotion when speaking, so when we got the computer to read/sing the song it was honestly hilarious! It is up on my blog and I recommend checking it out, if anything you will get a good laugh out of it!

The mini assignments I found the most difficult were the infographic and the gif. I honestly had no clue what an infographic was, or how to design it. I think I asked my assistant probably like four times to explain it. I finally understood, and decided to make one based off how often I get book recommendations, how often I search up a book and add it to my want to read list, how often I buy a new book, and how long it takes me to read a book. This actually worked out quite well, and it was kind of fun/surprising to add up exactly how often I did those things. Finally the gif. Again I had a vague idea of what this was, but again had to have it explained to me. Basically it is a small clip that continuously repeats itself. So with the help of my assistant, the gif was a stack of books piling up with a smiley face emoji with hearts around it appearing. Although these last two were the most challenging, with the help of my assistant we made it all work, and got to have a little fun in the process.

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