Progress Post 7

For three of my blog posts, I did a three-part video series on accessible reading formats. I focused on what I know so the videos were related to blindness, and the main formats in which visually impaired people read. The three topics were braille, e-books and audio/ graphic audio books. The first video was about braille, which I knew would be the longest because it is the format people know the least about, and it would take the most time to explain its history and how it works. Honestly it is quite complicated even for someone who knows the basics like me, but I also believe that it is the most interesting video out of the three. The second video, e-books, is probably the most popular one for everyone, sighted or not, since it is now the number one format that everyone uses to read. I added it into the video series because even though it wasn’t designed for blind people like braille was, it is special to us because we don’t really have the choice between a physical book or e-book. There was also quite a lot of interesting history behind the e-book, as it has been around a lot longer than I expected. E-books are the easiest format to access and download, and the books are fairly cheep compared to a physical book. Finally, the third video, audio/ graphic audio books. These are not as common as e-books, and take a lot more time and money to create. However, in my opinion audio books are the coolest reading format because actual actors are doing the narration which adds an entirely unique aspect to the story.

I actually really enjoyed researching the history behind these three formats. It was surprisingly very interesting to see where these formats began, and how much they have improved to what they are today. I always forget that I am interested in the history of technology until I get myself into a project like this one. I also have very little video creation experience; I have been in a couple videos for a friend’s course, and I took a video design and editing course myself, but those video assignments weren’t really to do with my interests. So when I decided to do a book review blog I knew somewhere throughout my posts I wanted to talk about accessible reading formats.

This accessible reading formats three part video series wouldn’t have been possible without my very talented assistant! She has a lot of experience in video and audio recording and editing, which is perfect because I get tongue tied very easily. I told her that I wanted to do videos on braille, e-books and audio books, and right away she was into it explaining that she has a lot of skills in this and she had her own equipment. She also made it more of a conversation while recording so I wouldn’t get so nervous, which helped a lot! Overall I am very grateful that I had her helping me with this video series, it was really fun to make, and I believe it will add to my blog.

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