Progress Post 6

Since the very beginning of Pub 101, and the beginning of my blog site, I have always been concerned with my audience. In every presentation I have attended, and from everyone I’ve talked to about creating my own website, I have always walked away with the clear fact spinning around in my head that your audience is one of the most important things to focus on. Once you figure out who your audience is, everything else will follow. This sounds great in theory, but in reality it appears to be much more difficult.

I think my biggest struggle with getting an audience is figuring out exactly how to do that, how do I get people to first of all come to my site, but also how to get them to stay on my site and explore and read the content. My blog is about accessible reading formats and book reviews, so of course my audience will be book lovers, or those who want to possibly read more but are looking for suggestions. So I do know who my audience would be. However, how do I get them to stay on my website and fully read the content? I know people are drawn first to visuals, which is sometimes a challenge because I am fully blind. I add the book cover image to whichever book I am reviewing, but don’t know if that is enough visual to catch someones attention and get them to explore the site further.

With the couple of peer reviews that have been done on my blog site more visuals have been mentioned, but no suggestions of exactly what types of visual would work. I hope the next peer review will provide some visual suggestions. When I first decided to do a book review blog I assumed that because novels are basically all text, the audience I am trying to interest wouldn’t mind the mostly text-based site, but the more I learn about website design, the more I am coming to the conclusion that visuals catch attention right away which in turn causes viewers to explore the site further. So my next step in gaining more viewers is to find a way to add more visuals to my individual blog posts.

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