Progress Post 3: Peer review

More often then not I avoid searching and exploring new websites of any kind, because of the simple and extremely annoying fact that so many websites are so unaccessible. The navigation, layout and features are so difficult to access, and no matter how inclusive society is today, the online world always seems to be lacking those rather simple accessibility functions. I know for me since I have a visual impairment I use screen reader software to use my computer and everything online, but even though it is incredible how far technology has come in terms of accessibility features there are still so many barriers for those with disabilities, especially when it comes to websites. 

So when I found out that we had to do a peer review of a classmates blog website I was really dreading it! If I’m being completely honest my annoyance and frustration with websites is all assumptions. What I mean by that is that because I have run into so many issues with accessibility online, I automatically assume that every website I come across is going to have the same problems as all the previous ones. However, when I searched up the website I was assigned to review and began to explore and navigate through it, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The blog I was given to review  is  which is a travel and photography blog. I was joking with a friend in the class that “how ironic would it be if they gave me a photography blog to review?”  I said to her with a laugh. So naturally as I searched the website and began working my way through it I was frustrated that on first inspection it was in fact a photography blog. I instantly felt annoyed because I have been running into accessibility issues more lately it seemed, but I knew I had to struggle through it so I could get the assignment done, and because I knew the person who’s blog I was reviewing was waiting for feedback from me.  Although I went into it slightly irritated, my feelings quickly changed once I realized that it was actually quite easy to navigate and the layout was very well done, but I truly lost all thoughts and feelings of annoyance when I found out it was also a travel blog!

There were two different blog posts about her travels, one of Thailand, and one about India, I believe. Honestly the stories she told about being an independent traveler, the people she met, the things she saw and did were so fascinating, and drew me in almost instantly. What I also really liked about her posts is that she effortlessly combined her travel stories and photography together so perfectly. She would be talking about something she saw and as she was describing it there would be a photo right beneath, so it was like an unintentional photo description which is something visually impaired people like my self love to have happen. So the fact that it seemed like she did it without even realizing or even thinking about it really impressed me!

Because of the way she designed her blog website, the easy navigation, the very interesting stories of traveling, and the extremely pleasant yet probably unplanned photo descriptions really made me enjoy her blog, and the peer review assignment, much more then I ever thought I would.  I highly recommend checking out and I hope to read more posts in the near future. 

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my blog. Your kind words are really encouraging. I’m glad you still found One More Klick interesting, despite your frustrations with previous photography blogs. I will keep all of this in mind as I continue to further develop my blog.

    – Magali

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