Progress Post 2

Experience with Setting Up My Blog

I have never designed or set up a website of any kind before, and given that the entirety of Pub 101 is us as the students designing and creating a blog throughout the semester is really interesting for me. I think I really like this semester-long project and creating content for our own  website  because more often than not, for people with visual impairments, websites are quite unaccessible, so getting to create my own website I can take up the challenge of trying to make it accessible given that I have a visual impairment myself. So I know what I want for a website to be accessible, and exactly what accessible features need to be put in place to ensure equality for every user and I can then use that for my own website. I have also never used WordPress before, but had heard previously from a friend who is also visually impaired and who writes her own quite popular blind blog that WordPress was actually quite accessible and blind-friendly to use. So when I heard this from her, and found out that we would be using WordPress in Pub 101 I was excited to see for myself how accessible it would be and if it would reach my accessibility standards.  

When actually sitting down and designing my blog I have an assistant who helps me with all the visual aspects that I am unable to do because of my visual impairment. She would describe the different layouts you could choose from, and once I picked one she explained in further detail   where the menus would be, what exactly is in the menu, what tags are, what categories are, what widgets are, etc. Then she helped me create all of those things based around what I wanted my blog to be about. I am doing a book review/accessible reading format blog, so my categories are book reviews and accessible reading formats so far, and my tags are loved it, impartial  and hate it, which are to do with my book reviews, and then for the accessible book formats there are graphic audio, and audio so far. There are also posiel, progress post and mini assignment tags to show my work. 

I found the overall experience of designing a website and creating content for my blog to be very interesting because usually when you go online you don’t know much about the background workings of the website, but by being the admin of my own website I understand exactly what goes into designing and maintaining it. I really like this ongoing semester-long blog, and am excited to gain skills, learn how to create interesting audience-capturing posts, to see if anyone is even interested in book review blogs,  and just see where the blog itself goes. I hope to continue working on the blog after the semester is over, but I first need to become fully independent with navigating the website and posting content. It is definitely  a work in progress.

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