Progress Post 11

I suppose my biggest decision to make yet about my book review blog is whether or not I should keep it going. If I’m being completely honest, I have viewed my blog as only a semester-long project. I believe seeing my blog this way has shadowed my views about it in the sense that I was never truly worried about gaining an audience, because it was going to end with the completion of the semester. I realize now that looking at my blog that way was not what I should have done, because if I looked at it as an ongoing venture right from the beginning, perhaps I would have done things differently, and tried to collect more visitors. I honestly have also had a very stressful, extremely busy past few months and with one thing piling on top of another I quickly became burnt out and completely mentally and physically exhausted. So due to all of those things perhaps I didn’t try quite as hard as I could, should, and would have.

Although I believe for now that I will take a break from the constant posting, maybe after that break I will decide to continue providing reviews. Because if I have realized anything during the semester-long blog it’s that I actually really love doing book reviews! I love sharing the many books I read, and giving my opinion about them I found to be quite fun. I don’t know why I haven’t considered doing book reviews of some sort before, maybe because I didn’t find the time until I had to do it for a class, or maybe because I didn’t know the first step of displaying my reviews. Either way, I am glad I chose to take Pub 101, and overall I believe I did a good job with my blog. Who knows, perhaps in the future I will be back.

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