Progress Post 10

One of our final weeks of Pub 101 was going over Google Analytics, and exactly what it does and shows us about our own blogs. To be clear, “Google analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports web site traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google marketing platform brand.” We were shown in tutorial how to set it up on our own blogs, and then look at the reports it provided. We were able to view such things as where the visitors were in the world, I believe their ages, and possibly even gender. A big thing we were looking for while viewing our sites’ analytics was our bounce rate, which “is an internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.” I always knew of this concept just from growing up in the time of the internet, but never really understood it until this course. The lower your bounce rate, the better and more interesting your site is. Unfortunately my bounce rate was quite high at around 50% I believe. So this means that half the visitors to my site leave with in the first few minutes. Why?

I think one of the biggest reasons my bounce rate is quite high is because my blog site doesn’t have a lot of visuals. My blog is all about book reviews; I have a main image of a waterfall of books representing my vast love of books, and how many books I read, and within each of my reviews I have at least one image of the book cover. I honestly thought this would be enough images given that, one, I am blind so its harder for me to include images in my posts, and two, it is a book review site so it is understandably going to be more text than visuals. I also thought that because it is a book review blog people would be more understanding of the mainly text-based content, but perhaps I was wrong. I often forget that I live in a very visual-focused world, especially online, and am so focused on what I am writing that adding images doesn’t even cross my mind. This all being said, I have recently added a three part video series about accessible reading formats, and videos are visual, so maybe that will draw people to stay longer and check out those videos and in turn, more of my site. The mini assignments also caused me to be more creative and thinking in visual terms, so perhaps that helped as well. In the future I can try and think of more visuals to add to my posts.

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