Peer Review: One More Klick

I really enjoyed this blog so far. I especially loved how clever the use of Klick is all throughout this website. It was explained that it was to reference the klick, informal for kilometres, representing the travel aspect of the blog, and klick, as in the shutter of a camera, which represents the photography aspect. I thought it fit very well with the theme of the blog and loved the play on words. The overall navigation of the blog was very easy and user-friendly, which is  much appreciated. The categories were well arranged and easy to follow.  The About page explained very well what the blog was about, and from reading the blog posts so far they didn’t stray from the About page description. As for the blog posts, I really enjoyed reading about the unique areas of travel, and the way they were described with very colourful, beautiful explanations it made me feel as if I was right there with you. Which is the point of a travel blog to encourage the reader to want to go there, so great job with that. I also really liked how you incorporated  the photos throughout the writing of the blog posts, so as you were reading about that specific situation you had a visual to go along with it which added to the story. The photos fit very well with the story and area of the world you were talking about, and I specifically liked how you captured the everyday life moments such as men exchanging veggies across boats, images of real life like I said, not just the generic, obvious pictures some people would expect. I also just want to say about the blog post where you traveled to Thailand all by yourself, I was very impressed that you did that! I have never traveled off the continent let alone somewhere like that, and again all on your own, something I don’t think I would have the guts for. It was a very interesting story, and had a good lesson in it about “sometimes its okay to talk to strangers because it is how you learn”. Overall I really enjoyed looking at your blog website, I love reading about people’s traveling experiences with the hope that I can go to those places someday. I think you are doing a very good job so far, and am looking forward to more stories and photos about your travels.

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