Peer Review 3

            I was reviewing the blog  for peer review 3. This blog is a fashion, lifestyle, and personal opinion and experience site. I enjoyed reading the blog post about Jessie’s best friend and the 19 questions to ask a best friend. I thought they were pretty interesting questions, and I felt like I was actually getting to know her. I also read a post called Pretty in Pink, which was about the colour pink being popular; I really enjoyed the title of this post because it reminded me of the 1980’s movie Pretty in Pink starring Molly Ringwald, and I simply just love 80’s movies! I also am not really a fan of the colour pink, but I found the post quite a good read regardless.

            The layout of this blog site is quite simple, with the basic black text on a white background, but thats whats nice about it. It is easy to read with no difficult colour choices or design confusion, and in my opinion the clearer the site the more enjoyable it is! So good job for making it easy to read! I know this peer review is focused around the blogs audience, and I remember you mentioning that you thought your audience would be younger women, but turned out older women visited your site more. I believe your blog is mainly focused on capturing the attention of women, and the topics you write about can work for any age of women. A great quote from a week 6 reading titled The Intricacies of an Intimate Public Sphere is, “Berlant argues that an amalgam of primarily woman-produced, woman-consumed, and woman-coded texts, from the sentimental to the melodramatic, functions to create an elaborate imaginary of intimacy that assumes women share a bond of communal longing.” I think your site provides this place for women in the sense that you write about topics women can closely relate to, such as the 19 questions to ask your best friend, or the post about pink being popular, or the post about what to do when you get stressed out. So I believe that you have indeed found the audience that you were aiming for, perhaps not quite the age range you thought, but either way you reached a mainly female audience, which was your goal.

            Overall I enjoyed this blog site, and it was a different topic than the other peer reviews I’ve done, so it was really nice to read a more lifestyle-based blog. It was refreshing! I just have a couple of suggestions to consider. I recommend possibly getting someone  to proof read your writing before you post them to your blog, because I know from personal experience that having someone read your work to you out loud really helps with confirming that the sentences and word choice makes sense. I also know from reading your posts that English isn’t your first language, which is completely understandable, so I think having someone do this for your posts would really help. I also noticed while reading your posts that whenever there  would be a new paragraph or topic introduced it appeared as a new heading, which got kind of confusing because it looked like it was an entirely new post, not part of one. So I suggest looking into that and see what could be done to have it be more clear. Other then those things, great job so far!

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