Peer Review 2

While checking out I really liked the design choices I saw. The first thing that drew my attention was the photo grid of the progression of removing the football helmet. I liked this for a couple reasons: The blue of the helmet and the yellow of the shirt is very eye catching, and it also told a story that works extremely well with his “About Me” statement, about him discovering the person beneath the helmet. I also really liked the overall grid choice that appeared throughout the entire blog – it looked nice, made navigation very easy, and you didn’t have to scroll to find anything. My only suggestion about this is that I noticed that there are photo grids for blog and mini assignment posts, but not progress posts, so maybe having the photo grid for every section of the site would be a good idea to keep it uniform. A side note about the photo grid which are links to posts, it reminded me of an Advent calendar which was amusing!

I also liked the contrast between the black of the headings and titles, and the grey of the subheadings and content text. It is a very nice colour choice and works well together. The colour choice as well as the font makes everything very easy to read, and I also like how the links within posts are black, it really catches the eye right away. Finally, I enjoyed the back and forward buttons at the bottom of each post, it made it much easier to navigate, and having a simple to find button is very nice. Overall I really liked the design of this blog; it is clear, no nonsense, and everything is nicely laid out and easy to read, which in my opinion are great things to have on a site.

During my exploration of this blog I thought back to week five’s reading DESIGN MACHINES: How to Survive the Digital Apocalypse. From my understanding of the reading, it was talking about how web designers are always being analyzed and having their work critiqued, and how the web is ever-changing and the designers must keep up with those constant changes. It got me thinking about how in this course we are analyzing and critiquing our peers’ blogs. I know it is intended to help with improvement and to gain skills in web design, and we don’t really have to keep up with the demands of the changing digital interfaces. However, in a way, it is getting us to understand how web design works and, realistically if we become web designers, we will have to be aware of and get used to people picking apart our sites. Food for thought. Below are a couple quotes from the article I thought represented both our class, but also the wider range of digital design.

“Design is a chaotic field to be in…” (Gertz) A truly relatable quote!

“The products we work on are meticulously monitored, optimized, tracked, and tweaked, more than any other medium and during any other time in history” (Gertz).

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