Something Never Thought Possible: Providence

Neon fuschia text of book title "Providence" and author's name; the background is a deep twilight turquoise with motion-blurred silhouettes of a young man and an older man in a hat, running.Today’s book nerd blog is focused around the novel Providence by Caroline Kepnes. I had seen this book advertised online, mainly on Facebook through the Publishing companies I follow, and was quite excited to read it based off the descriptions I saw. However, I found it rather hard to get into right from the start. It appeared as a stereotypical love story where the nerdy, loner boy is secretly in love with the popular, everyone wants to be her girl. I am the type of reader where no matter how boring or obvious I find the beginning of a book, I will always give it a chance and read through the entire thing. I am not a quitter, and books are no exception. The most wonderful thing about doing this is that more often than not I am very pleasantly surprised as soon as the book evolves into a plot twist I never saw coming. Where something happens and you instantly get drawn in, and from then on cannot put the book down. With Providence this is exactly what happened, and I am so glad I continued on regardless of my original reaction at the start.

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