Blog Post 5: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes

the cover of Behind Closed Doors; a closeup photo of a white door and blue doorknob, from a hundred year old house. Red text of the book title covers the lower half of the image.“A wolf in sheep’s clothes,” the perfect quote for today’s Book Nerd’s review of Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris. I literally could not put it down! The intense story line, the emotional rollercoaster of the characters, the twisted plot, every single situation that happened, will keep you reading until the very last word. With a fast paced romance that turns into a quick but elegant wedding, sounds pretty great right? Yeah thats what I thought too, but the story takes a very unexpected and shocking turn. I couldn’t believe how quickly and drastically this story got flipped upside down. At first everything seemed normal and happy, but a honeymoon to Thailand  brought out the truth behind the false front, and gave great new insight into the monster beneath. A delusional and terrifying man, a brave and resilient woman, and her innocent yet clever sister are all tangled up in a very scary and messy situation that you can’t see how they will ever get out of. It is an extremely intense, captivating book that has you looking over your shoulder and is creepy enough to get your heart racing, but at the same time is so incredibly good that there is no way you can do anything else but continue reading!

I honestly really liked this book. Yes, it is in fact creepy, unbelievable and shocking on more than one occasion, but that is exactly why it is so good! It really makes you think about how someone came up with the idea for the story, especially one so horrible and messed up. Don’t worry though, there are also a lot of happier, exciting moments throughout the book that diffuse the stressful intense situations, such as the loving relationship between the main female character and her sister, and the new friend who simply wants to help in any way she can. Plus the writing is so well done, so much so that you feel like you are right there in the scene with the character feeling exactly what they are feeling whether it be joy, fear, excitement, sadness, the rush of adrenalin, the thrill of defeat, and the empowerment of never giving up! I still can’t get over how emotional and crazy this book is. It draws you in so fast and keeps you so involved that before you know it, you are yelling out suggestions about what the characters should do, and how horrible the situations are. Something I couldn’t believe I found myself doing, and that was the exact moment when I knew this book truly hit all its marks, and became one of the creepiest yet truly impressive books I have ever read!

I very highly and strongly recommend reading Behind Closed Doors! I don’t remember the last time a book made me feel so many different emotions at once. I felt scared, annoyed, angry, excited, impressed, thrilled, and relieved so many times. A weird combination I know, but once you read the book you will understand. I am so glad my friend suggested I read this book. It truly opened my eyes (no blind pun intended) to the magic an author has when creating a story simply by writing a few hundred/thousand words and having those words form into something as remarkable as this book. While reading this novel I was reminded exactly why I want to become a Publisher or Manuscript Editor, because of how invested, impressed, and lost in a story I become, that I just want to share those feelings with the rest of the world. So please go read Behind Closed Doors, I promise you won’t regret it no matter how creepy it is!

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