Blog Post 10: The Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters book cover; a courtyard of an old, grand mansion in the background; in the foreground, a fountain with a statue in the middle, of a mermaid holding up a sphere made of several bands of metal.After the completion of my three-part video series about accessible reading formats, this book nerd is back to reviews. This review is about a historical fiction/ romance book series that has quickly made its way to being one of my top favourites! Welcome to The Seven Sisters, by Lucinda Riley.

There are currently five books in the series: The Seven Sisters, The Storm Sister, The Shadow Sister, The Pearl Sister and most recently The Moon Sister, which has only been out since February 19th 2019. Due to me loving this series so much so far, I decided to be a die-hard fan and go to the lengths of messaging the author, asking if there would be a sixth book, even though the fifth only came out not that long ago. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear back from Mrs. Riley within hours, very kindly saying, “Thank you so much for your message and for taking the time to write. I love hearing from my readers and it’s wonderful to hear how much you’ve enjoyed the series. I am currently writing the sixth book now called The Sun Sister. I don’t have the publication date yet, but should have some news on that in the next couple months. My US/ Canadian publishers have published a few months after the UK with the last five books Once (the sixth) story is written I will start on the seventh book. Thanks so much again for your support. With love, Lucinda.” I was thrilled to have been told the title of the sixth book, and was also very excited to hear that there would be a seventh book. This was the first time I have ever messaged an author, and I honestly felt extremely nerdy doing it. I didn’t expect to hear back so soon with that much information, but I am so glad I decided to send her a message!

The Seven Sisters series is formed around the mythology of the star cluster called The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. A mysterious-yet-kind Swiss man adopted orphan girls from around the world and named them each after the seven stars in the cluster. The girls fondly called him Pa Salt, and following his passing the sisters discovered he left them clues to their original birthplace, and in each story the girls venture out on their own to discover themselves, and where exactly they come from.

The Seven Sisters is centred around Maia, the oldest sister, who is named after the first star. Her father’s strange clue takes her from her isolated life on the shores of Lake Geneva to Brazil where, through the guidance of her Grandmother, she discovers her captivating family history, and brings us back to the 1920’s where we are brought into the life of Izabela Bonifacio, Maia’s great grandmother.

The Storm Sister is the journey of Alcyon, aka Ally, the second-oldest and named after the second star. We are taken from an intense sailing race and a tragic romance to Norway, where Ally begins to dig up her family secrets, unveiling her unexpected link to a famous singer Anna Landvik, and a twin brother she never knew she had.

The Shadow Sister is where we are introduced to Asterope, aka Star, the third sister, named after the third star. She is the only sister who doesn’t have to venture far to find her roots. Already living in London, England, she meets a strange bookshop owner who connects her to her odd mix of long-lost relatives, and tells the story of Flora MacNichol, a family member of 100 years prior.

The Pearl Sister is the adventure of Celeano, aka CeCe, the fourth sister, named after the fourth star. She is the sister who has traveled the most throughout her story. First, fleeing from England to Thailand where she tries to escape from reality; then following the odd clue her father left, to Australia, where, when searching for her past she discovers her Grandfather, who takes her 100 years back in time, following the tale of Kitty McBride.

The Moon Sister is where we meet Taygete, aka Tiggy, the fifth sister, named after the fifth star. She leaves a confusing and financially unstable job in the Scottish Highlands for a small gypsy community in Spain, where she learns from her distant cousins about her special healing/spiritual ability, and her family’s past of being traveling flamenco dancers.

The Sun Sister is designed around Electra, the youngest sister, named after the sixth star. This book is currently being written.

As for the seventh book in the series, I don’t believe it has a title yet, but in the Greek myths surrounding the star cluster, the seventh sister was never found, and the same can be said for this book series. However, in a Youtube video by Lucinda Riley she describes her idea behind the series and hints that “The mystery of the seventh sister and Pa Salt won’t be revealed until the final book.” So by both the Youtube video and message I received from the author herself, it has clearly been indicated that there will definitely be a seventh book!

I absolutely recommend that everyone immediately go and read this series! It is full of mystery, romance, fantasy, culture, and is so incredibly fascinating. Another thing I love about The Seven Sisters is how many countries are included: Switzerland, Brazil, Norway, England, Thailand, Australia, Scotland and Spain. That is a very impressive number of countries to include and research. Being a lover of historical fiction, aside from England and Scotland I have never read about any of these other countries in this genre until now. I fell in love with The Seven Sisters almost instantly, and honestly want more people to go and read it just so I can talk about it more!

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