96 Books in 365 Days


There is something about getting lost in a really great book that only a true book nerd will understand. The pure excitement of starting a new book, the thrill of the adventure throughout every scene, the close connection you feel with every character, and the devastation you feel as soon as the last words are read. The simple joy from cover to cover, or in my case from the moment I download my new book into the Kindle app is something I constantly look forward to. Reading is basically my only hobby now that literally takes up every free moment of my waking hours, and more often than not my occupied time as well. I am unashamed to say that reading is the number one form of procrastination in my life, and I really could care less! 

The most ironic thing about me being a book nerd is that when I was growing up I 100% absolutely hated reading! I was born three months premature causing me to develop a visual impairment. I have always been  fully blind in my left eye, and was low vision in my right. Because of this reading proved to be quite difficult and strenuous, since I could only see out of the one eye which was doing the work of two, and would get tired quickly. I could only see large print which made finding novels a challenge, and I also have a condition called Nystagmus which is a condition where your eyes move uncontrollably and rapidly. So trying to focus on the words on a page for long periods of time was very frustrating because it appeared as if the letters were moving but realistically it was just the nystagmus. Because of all these issues that came along with having a visual impairment I think it was quite understandable why I hated reading. However, about eight years ago I lost all my remaining sight due to complications stemming from my visual impairment. My entire life changed, but one great thing that came from me losing my sight was a renewed love of reading!

My newly discovered love of reading grew to the extreme, and now if I get the chance I can and will finish a book in a single day! I enjoy so many genres: romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy, and my current favourite, historical fiction, among many others. The level and rate at which I read is ever-expanding, and near the end of 2017 I was reading so much that I became curious as to exactly how many books I read in a year. So I decided that for all of 2018 I would keep a list of every single book I read just to see. It is now January 2019, and it is time to add up the rather long list of books. The remarkable and shocking total was 96 books, start to finish! This honestly blew me away, I never set out to reach a certain number, but to add up those books and see that number getting higher and higher was incredible! 

This challenge began as simple curiosity but quickly became a fascinated interest in my ability to rapidly read, but also absorb every detail between the pages in hardly any time at all. At the speed in which I read you would think I would miss important parts, or even smaller details, but I found that this is not the case. I read so fast because I get so lost in the story and the characters that I just can’t stop. The growing suspense, the thrill of the adventure, the connection with every character is something I live for, and enjoy way too much to bother changing. I am not one of those people who loses touch with reality because my mind is so lost in a book. I just find it so fascinating how captivating a few hundred or thousand words can be, and how they  have the ability to draw me in before I even know it. I suppose pursuing a career in book publishing is very fitting given how invested I become with every single story, and of course the ridiculous amount of books I end up reading.

*The list of 96 books is below*

Books I’ve read/finished  in 2018:

Harry Potter books 5, 6, 7. Author J. K. Rowling.

Honey Moon Bay. Author Joan Mettauer.

Pretty Little Liars books 1 through 16. Author Sara Shepard.

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians books 1 through 5. Author Brandon Sanderson.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, books 1 through 5. Author Ann Brashares.

My Name is Memory. Author Anne Brashares.   

An American Family, books 1 through 5. Author J A Snow.

A Viking Saga, books 1 and 2. author J A Snow.

Before We Were Yours. Author Lisa Wingate. 

What’s Become of Her. Author Deb Caletti. 

Reborn. Author Jennifer Rush.

The Colour of Water in July. Author Nora Carroll. 

Whiskey Beach. Author Nora Roberts.

The Home for Unwanted Girls. Author Joanna Goodman.

The Finishing School. Author Joanna Goodman.

The Great Alone. Author Kristin Hannah.

Come From Away and Tides of Honour. Author Genevieve Graham.

The McDonald’s series books 1 through 3. Author Genevieve Graham.

The Factory Girls of Lark Lane. Author Pam Howes.  

The Italian House. Author Teresa Crane.

The Bronte Sisters Saga, books 1 and 2. Author Lynne Reid banks.

The Darcy Legacy. Author Joana Starnes.

Sign of Seven, books 1 through 3. Author Nora Roberts.

The Calhouns, books 1 through 5. Author Nora Roberts.

The Obsession. Author Nora Roberts. 

Things We Surrender. Author Heidi Hostetter. 

Come Sundown. Author Nora Roberts.

The Maze Runner, books 1 through 3. Author James Dashner.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass. Author Melissa Bashardoust.

House of Night Series books 1 through 12. Author P. C. Cast.

The Party. Author Robyn Harding. 

The Foils Bookshop Girls. Author Elaine Roberts.

The War Nurses book 1. Author Lizzie Page.

The Shadow Children books 1 through 7. Author Margaret Peterson Haddix.

The Seven Sisters books 1 through 3. Author Lucinda Riley.

Total: 96 books!

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