PUB201: Progress Post 07

Being a person who went from partly sighted to fully blind, I ironically understand the appeal of visuals, especially when it comes to the internet. So many people tend to be visual learners, and having a nice large image to capture a viewer’s attention and therefore keep them on the site longer is something all website designers strive for. For me coming into Pub 201 already knowing the importance of website visuals, I tried to come up with more ways to include images to my word-heavy site. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 07”

PUB201: Progress Post 06

I got a series of three emails in a row about a week ago, all from the WordPress provider system we use for our blogs in Pub 201, informing me of comments on a few of my posts. At first I was a little excited because I have had very few comments on my posts so far. So with the help of my assistant we went online and took a look. As she read the few comments to me it started to seem a little weird. First of all because whoever or whatever was commenting on my posts were doing so on posts from over a year ago, even though I had just recently uploaded a series of new posts that week. The second thing that seemed a bit odd was that the comments that were on three different posts were all done by the same person, and the third weird thing was that all the comments sounded quite similar. So we came to the conclusion that it must have been an annoying internet robot that was designed somehow to comment on my posts. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 06”

PUB201: Progress Post 04

Earlier on in the semester our Pub 201 class, located on the SFU Vancouver campus, got the chance to go on a field trip to The Media and Makers Commons at the SFU library on the Burnaby campus. It kind of made me laugh because when you think of a field trip you go back to your elementary school days, where when you went on a field trip it was to somewhere new, exciting and a good distance from your school. However, this wasn’t exactly the case for the Media and Makers field trip. It was only as far as the SFU Burnaby campus, which is definitely not new, but did in fact hold a level of excitement because it was a new feature of the library that had only been there for a few weeks at that point. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 04”

PUB201: Peer Review #2

The blog Just Another Story… appears to be an interesting topic. From the banner image, which is an ink pen, I think really represents writing, so the message of the blog is very clear. This blog’s WordPress theme is very similar to mine, so it is easy to navigate, which is very important for accessibility, which in turn is very important to me. Continue reading “PUB201: Peer Review #2”