PUB201: Progress Post 05

The week of February 10th to the 14th was a truly incredible week for me. It was the fifth annual Emerging Leaders Publishing Summit, and my second year attending. The entire week is full of networking and learning from a wide variety of presenters within the publishing industry. There were publishers, marketers, and editors from one of the biggest publishing companies in North America let alone the world, a panel of authors, independent publishers, book retail representatives, SFU faculty from the publishing program, the Masters of Publishing students, and a little sadly, the only two under graduate students including me and a good friend. It was actually kind of a sweet realization for my friend and I because attending our second summit was also our one-year “friendiversary”. We met last year, again being two of the only undergrads, and have been really good friends since. So the two years of attending the summit not only have been an amazing opportunity to learn way more about the industry, but I made a lifelong friend as well. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 05”

PUB201: Progress Post 03

In both Pub 101 and 201 we are taught to use WordPress, which is a blog platform site. When I first found out that we were using WordPress I was excited because I knew that it was at least a little bit accessible. Accessibility issues with websites and platforms is a very common occurrence, and I was worried about what kind of platform they were going to get us to use in these classes. I wanted to be able to do as much as I could since it was my own website. I knew I would need some help from my access aide because designing a blog has quite a few visual components, but I knew that, aside from the visual aspects, I was going to be able to work on my blog more so on my own and I was really excited about that. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 03”

PUB201: Progress Post 02

I realized very early on in Pub 201 that while doing some research on other sites, specifically blogs, most of them had links to social media, email subscriptions and sharing options. I remembered that near the end of Pub 101, over a year ago now, I wanted to link my social media so that I (and hopefully others) could share my book reviews. Although I had good intentions to continue the blog outside of Pub 101, it never happened because life and University got crazy busy, and to be honest I lost interest. However, right from the very first day of Pub 201 I remembered that I really enjoyed writing book reviews and was once again excited to do it, but with a few social media touch ups. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 02”

PUB201: Progress Post 01

I was quite excited to find out that for Publishing 201 we could use our existing blog sites from Publishing 101, if they fit the theme of the course “The Publication Of The Professional Self”. Luckily enough for me I did just that. Which meant that I didn’t have to create an entirely new site. I was mainly excited to use my existing site because I knew that my love of books, which my site represents, is something that I am wanting to do professionally by pursuing a career in the publishing industry. So I could continue to work on my original site, and improve it to become more professional. Continue reading “PUB201: Progress Post 01”

Blog Post 14: I Hope You Get This Message

For today’s Book Nerd’s review I will be looking at the novel I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Rishi. I was first introduced to this book by a member of my very new bookclub; it was the top choice through our voting process for this month’s read. I literally read it in two days because it was that good! It is an end of the world, coming of age, discovering yourself kind of book like most YA novels, but had an urgent feel to it. Probably because it took place in modern time where there was only seven days until the fate of the world was decided by aliens. Perhaps a little cliche when you read the synopsis, but the author puts an interesting twist on it that is quite enjoyable. Continue reading “Blog Post 14: I Hope You Get This Message”