Blog Post 10: The Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters book cover; a courtyard of an old, grand mansion in the background; in the foreground, a fountain with a statue in the middle, of a mermaid holding up a sphere made of several bands of metal.After the completion of my three-part video series about accessible reading formats, this book nerd is back to reviews. This review is about a historical fiction/ romance book series that has quickly made its way to being one of my top favourites! Welcome to The Seven Sisters, by Lucinda Riley.

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Progress Post 11

I suppose my biggest decision to make yet about my book review blog is whether or not I should keep it going. If I’m being completely honest, I have viewed my blog as only a semester-long project. I believe seeing my blog this way has shadowed my views about it in the sense that I was never truly worried about gaining an audience, because it was going to end with the completion of the semester. I realize now that looking at my blog that way was not what I should have done, because if I looked at it as an ongoing venture right from the beginning, perhaps I would have done things differently, and tried to collect more visitors. Continue reading “Progress Post 11”

Progress Post 10

One of our final weeks of Pub 101 was going over Google Analytics, and exactly what it does and shows us about our own blogs. To be clear, “Google analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports web site traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google marketing platform brand.” We were shown in tutorial how to set it up on our own blogs, and then look at the reports it provided. Continue reading “Progress Post 10”