Peer Review 2

While checking out I really liked the design choices I saw. The first thing that drew my attention was the photo grid of the progression of removing the football helmet. I liked this for a couple reasons: The blue of the helmet and the yellow of the shirt is very eye catching, and it also told a story that works extremely well with his “About Me” statement, about him discovering the person beneath the helmet. I also really liked the overall grid choice that appeared throughout the entire blog – it looked nice, made navigation very easy, and you didn’t have to scroll to find anything. My only suggestion about this is that I noticed that there are photo grids for blog and mini assignment posts, but not progress posts, so maybe having the photo grid for every section of the site would be a good idea to keep it uniform. A side note about the photo grid which are links to posts, it reminded me of an Advent calendar which was amusing! Continue reading “Peer Review 2”

Blog Post 6: No Exit

book cover for No Exit. An extremely snowy road at night, lit only as far as the headlights of a car, the top half of the image is the black night sky with blowing snow and the words "No Exit" in blue text, the bottom half is the snowy road.Welcome to today’s Book Nerd review of No Exit by Taylor Adams. I was first drawn to this book when I read the description that HarperCollins Canada provided through my Facebook newsfeed. The description caught my attention almost instantly: “A kidnapped little girl locked in a stranger’s van. No help for miles. What would you do? We can’t think of a better book to cozy up with in the middle of winter. No Exit by Taylor Adams is a brilliant, edgy thriller about four strangers, a blizzard, a kidnapped child, and a determined young woman.” How could you just scroll past that? Especially when the words “kidnapped child, edgy, no help for miles” and “thriller” are in the mix. I follow many authors and publishing companies on Facebook, and I am so glad I do because if I didn’t I would have never found this extremely thrilling book. Continue reading “Blog Post 6: No Exit”

Blog Post 5: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes

the cover of Behind Closed Doors; a closeup photo of a white door and blue doorknob, from a hundred year old house. Red text of the book title covers the lower half of the image.“A wolf in sheep’s clothes,” the perfect quote for today’s Book Nerd’s review of Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris. I literally could not put it down! The intense story line, the emotional rollercoaster of the characters, the twisted plot, every single situation that happened, will keep you reading until the very last word. With a fast paced romance that turns into a quick but elegant wedding, sounds pretty great right? Yeah thats what I thought too, but the story takes a very unexpected and shocking turn. I couldn’t believe how quickly and drastically this story got flipped upside down. At first everything seemed normal and happy, but a honeymoon to Thailand  brought out the truth behind the false front, and gave great new insight into the monster beneath. A delusional and terrifying man, a brave and resilient woman, and her innocent yet clever sister are all tangled up in a very scary and messy situation that you can’t see how they will ever get out of. It is an extremely intense, captivating book that has you looking over your shoulder and is creepy enough to get your heart racing, but at the same time is so incredibly good that there is no way you can do anything else but continue reading! Continue reading “Blog Post 5: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”

Progress Post 5

For the importance of this Progress Post, you must first read Progress Post 4. It explains the main struggles of being a visually impaired student in University. For today’s post I want to further explain accessibility issues, but specifically the struggles with this class, Pub 101.  Let me begin by clearly stating that I actually really like this class! I love the challenge of individual creativity, as well as the challenge to design and maintain our own blog website. I feel like I have become stuck in the formal, uninventive, dry essay/assignment writing and organizing we have to do in University, that I perhaps lost my creativity and imagination. I prided myself growing up that I had a great imagination, but being in University for four years now I haven’t really gotten many chances to show that side of myself, until now! However, the creativity that comes with this course also brings on some struggles. Continue reading “Progress Post 5”

Blog Post 4: Exclusive Interview with Batman

Today I will be introducing  a very special and well known guest who kindly assisted me with this Book Nerd’s review of The Obsession by Nora Roberts. Who is this very special person you may ask? He is one of the most popular and beloved superheroes we have all read about in comics, and watched on TV: he is none other then the famous Batman! While reading this extremely captivating novel I knew that I had to look at it from a different perspective, and get a unique insight into the minds of criminals to better understand the entirety of the novel, so who better to help me with that than Batman? However due to his very busy schedule fighting crime, and stopping bad guys such as The Joker, Mr Freeze, the Riddler, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy among many others, I knew the only way I could contact him and get his help was by flashing the Bat-Signal. As expected he arrived with in seconds, gracefully diving right through my conveniently open window, sticking to the shadowed corners but on high alert searching for danger. I quickly reassured him, apologizing for the hasty call, but explained the important and very necessary perspective of bad guys I new only he could give me. Thankfully he wasn’t angry, but had another urgent call to attend to so agreed to meet me on the roof the following night to assist me with my book review. Continue reading “Blog Post 4: Exclusive Interview with Batman”

Progress Post 4

My visual impairment tends to cause some unique challenges when it comes to assignments and overall tasks for my courses. There are a number of things with in my classes that have to be adapted or altered in order for it to be accessible, and so I can get my work done, and learn what the other students are learning. Some examples are the course readings – they  have to be transcribed into a word doc or TXT format, same with powerpoint slides, course handouts, tables/ charts/ diagrams as well as assignment outlines. The reason that all of these things have to be transcribed is because I use screen reader software, which is designed for visually impaired people. It reads out everything on the screen in a computerized robot voice. Although a rather impressive piece of software, it tends to have trouble reading such things as tables, charts and diagrams because there is to much going on for the voice to keep up with, and it is difficult to navigate the multiple columns. The same goes with the course readings, powerpoint slides, handouts and assignment outlines; if there are tables etc in them, they have to be reformatted in order for me to be able to read them. This can be quite frustrating because it takes some time to do the transcriptions, so I have to wait, and might not get the material soon enough to be prepared for class. Continue reading “Progress Post 4”

Progress Post 3: Peer review

More often then not I avoid searching and exploring new websites of any kind, because of the simple and extremely annoying fact that so many websites are so unaccessible. The navigation, layout and features are so difficult to access, and no matter how inclusive society is today, the online world always seems to be lacking those rather simple accessibility functions. I know for me since I have a visual impairment I use screen reader software to use my computer and everything online, but even though it is incredible how far technology has come in terms of accessibility features there are still so many barriers for those with disabilities, especially when it comes to websites.  Continue reading “Progress Post 3: Peer review”