Something Never Thought Possible: Providence

Neon fuschia text of book title "Providence" and author's name; the background is a deep twilight turquoise with motion-blurred silhouettes of a young man and an older man in a hat, running.Today’s book nerd blog is focused around the novel Providence by Caroline Kepnes. I had seen this book advertised online, mainly on Facebook through the Publishing companies I follow, and was quite excited to read it based off the descriptions I saw. Continue reading “Something Never Thought Possible: Providence”

Peer Review: One More Klick

I really enjoyed this blog so far. I especially loved how clever the use of Klick is all throughout this website. It was explained that it was to reference the klick, informal for kilometres, representing the travel aspect of the blog, and klick, as in the shutter of a camera, which represents the photography aspect. Continue reading “Peer Review: One More Klick”

Blood and Love: The Vampire Diaries

DVD cover for Vampire Diaries series. Close-up face photos of the five main cast members with title text for the show.

The Vampire Diaries universe is quite vast, beginning with The original four book series, The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1), The Struggle (The Vampire diaries, #2), The Fury (The Vampire Diaries, #3), and Nightfall (The Vampire Diaries, #4). There has been multiple spin-offs following the main series, The Return trilogy, The Hunted trilogy, The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries, and The Salvation trilogy. (All books have been written by L. J. Smith). An eight season TV show has also been produced, with its own two spin-offs emerging, The Originals and Legacies. Quite an impressive number of achievements to say the least! However, for the sake of this book nerd’s blog I will be focusing on mainly the original four book series. Continue reading “Blood and Love: The Vampire Diaries”

96 Books in 365 Days


There is something about getting lost in a really great book that only a true book nerd will understand. The pure excitement of starting a new book, the thrill of the adventure throughout every scene, the close connection you feel with every character, and the devastation you feel as soon as the last words are read. The simple joy from cover to cover, or in my case from the moment I download my new book into the Kindle app is something I constantly look forward to. Reading is basically my only hobby now that literally takes up every free moment of my waking hours, and more often than not my occupied time as well. I am unashamed to say that reading is the number one form of procrastination in my life, and I really could care less!  Continue reading “96 Books in 365 Days”

Progress Post 2

Experience with Setting Up My Blog

I have never designed or set up a website of any kind before, and given that the entirety of Pub 101 is us as the students designing and creating a blog throughout the semester is really interesting for me. I think I really like this semester-long project and creating content for our own  website  because more often than not, for people with visual impairments, websites are quite unaccessible, so getting to create my own website I can take up the challenge of trying to make it accessible given that I have a visual impairment myself. So I know what I want for a website to be accessible, and exactly what accessible features need to be put in place to ensure equality for every user and I can then use that for my own website. I have also never used WordPress before, but had heard previously from a friend who is also visually impaired and who writes her own quite popular blind blog that WordPress was actually quite accessible and blind-friendly to use. So when I heard this from her, and found out that we would be using WordPress in Pub 101 I was excited to see for myself how accessible it would be and if it would reach my accessibility standards.   Continue reading “Progress Post 2”

Progress Post 1: Talking to a Stranger

I found it quite interesting that one of our first assignments in Pub 101 was talking to a stranger. Mainly because it seems so out of the range of so many other assignments given in university courses that I was a little surprised. Although I did enjoy the change of pace with challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and attempt to talk to a stranger, it was a breath of fresh air to do something different.  Continue reading “Progress Post 1: Talking to a Stranger”